Let Us Show You How To Protect And Grow Your Portfolio...

It’s more important than ever for you to be smart about managing your portfolio. First and foremost, you need to protect your hard-earned account money. And then you need to use the right investment vehicles to match your goals, and find the right opportunities to profit.

That’s exactly what we are giving you in this brand-new Active Portfolio Management training course. Because when you follow just a few of the strategies and methods we will show you, your investing success can be enhanced immediately.

For Active Investors Looking For Focused Help...

In today's investing environment, it's not enough to buy shares when you're young and then cash them in at retirement to reap millions. The landscape is much different now for you and me.

That's why we have created this Active Portfolio Management training course for you. You will gain the skills every active investor needs to avoid big market drops that annihilate the accounts of so many hard-working investors. Plus, we will show you how to jump in on the best investing opportunities.

If you want to take an active role in managing and growing your investments, this course if right for you!

Solves These 2 Major Investing Problems...

You and I both know there is something very different about today’s markets and how it is affecting our portfolios. Investors and traders from previous generations experienced less erratic market conditions than we do.

This has resulted in two big problems for those of us who want to protect our portfolios and maximize our market success:

  • PROBLEM #1

    Inexperienced investors are often blindsided by the big market drops that come around a lot more frequently. As a result, they lose way too much money from their accounts.

  • PROBLEM #2

    Even those who know a little about what they are doing typically miss out on the massive opportunities that these volatile markets offer us.

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Walk Away With These Vital Skills...

  • Know in advance when those sharp reversals will happen
  • Simple ways to determine if it’s a false breakout or if it’s the real thing
  • When to sell to avoid big losses
  • How to spot those profit-soaked opportunities that always accompany big market drops
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Plus, Get These Brand-New Topics...

Now let me tell you how this course is different from other training I have taught in the past...

Together, Syl and Steve will let you inside our personal investment approaches to show you our favorite strategies and how to use them with real world examples.

And here are some of the totally brand-new things we have never before shared:

  • How to find and use high-quality dividend stocks that provide you with consistent cash flow
  • The value of investing in long-term options called LEAPS
  • Additional western technical analysis tools such as Keltner Bands, price projections and more
  • Plus, you will also receive checklists with our favorite investment tools and strategies that are working for us right now
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See How To Profit In These Major Markets...

And during this Active Portfolio Management event, you will love how we will cover major markets including the major stock indexes, individual stocks, … INTEREST RATESMORTGAGE RATESGOLDFOREXCRUDE OIL… and much more.

And remember everything we teach you applies to all these markets and any markets that you may decide to invest in the future. That’s one of the beauties of candlesticks and technical analysis – you can use these strategies with anything you invest with excellent results.

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Portfolio...

Let Syl and Steve help you strengthen your portfolio in three powerful ways. Don’t forget – all these strategies are easy to learn and understand. Which means you can begin adding them immediately to your investing.

  • 1

    See how to avoid getting hurt by the next big market drop

  • 2

    Find excellent opportunities that are ready and waiting following these drops

  • 3

    Discover the different types of investing vehicles available to you as an active investor, and how they can help you achieve your overall investing goals

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Your Trainers For This Event:

Steve Nison, CMT

Steve Nison, CMT and inductee in the Traders Hall of Fame, is uniquely qualified to help you fully exploit the opportunities candlestick charts present to today’s markets. As a renowned author and speaker, he has the distinction of being the first to reveal candlesticks charts to the Western world. Mr. Nison is not only the acknowledged master of these previously secret candlestick techniques, but is also an expert on Western technical analysis with over 30 years real world experience.

His work has been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, Worth Magazine, Institutional Investor, and Barron’s.

Syl Desaulniers, Nison Certified Trainer

Syl has been an independent trader and technical analyst for many years and was a former student of Candlecharts.com.

Syl uses his trading experience to teach traders and investors the proper use of Nison’s candlesticks, Western technical analysis and Trade Management.

As a Nison Certified Trainer Syl has the proven expertise and skills to provide quality education and support to ensure the best experience with Candlecharts.com products and services.

Steve and Syl Will Give You All This Valuable Training...

  • Understanding breakouts and reversals
  • Confirming resistance or support with tools such as Bollinger Bands, moving averages, and more
  • Steve's favorite method of confirming support or resistance
  • Steve favorite way to identify a change of polarity
  • Momentum investing
  • Importance of volume
  • Learn how to identify false breakouts
  • Simple ways to gauge when the market is vulnerable to a selloff or ripe for a rally
  • Using multiple time-frame charts
  • Protecting your trades with options
  • The best dividend stocks for investors
  • Using Nison Candle Scanner to find top bear and bull dividend stocks
  • LEAPS for long-term investing power
  • Using western indicators for long-term investing success
  • Chart Challenges to confirm your knowledge
  • Steve and Syl will walk you through major markets to see what's happening now
  • Get Steve and Syl's checklist of favorite tools and strategies

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Arnold Prince Arnold Prince

I think Steve is excellent...he's very professional. He brings a very Socratic give and take approach, something you don't see with most of the so-called mentors out there. A lot of them are charlatans, and Steve is certainly not one of them. Steve stands above the rest, without a question.

James Barret James Barret

The candles allow accurate, precise, earlier entries than anything else that I am aware of…it is almost like continuously ringing the cash register.

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Greg P. Greg P.

I think one of the most compelling reasons to attend one of Steve’s live classes is because a number of the premier financial institutions already choose him to train, some of whom were already the best in the industry. How often do you get a chance to train with someone at that level?

Robert Turner Robert Turner

If you are tired of working for your money and you want to learn how to make your money work for you…. Steve is the man!