NCS Beta Test Program: 

Information & Resources for Beta Testers

1. For our team to provide access to Nison Candle Scanner on TradingView, we will need your TradingView username.  (note this is NOT an email address).  If you already have an account be sure to provide us with your TradingView username.  If you do not have a TradingView account yet, please click on this button to create your account.  Then, email your username to:

TradingView account

2. Now that you have provided us with your TradingView username, watch this video showing you how to get started with Nison Candle Scanner on the TradingView platform


3. Quick Reference Guide:  Use this as a "cheat sheet" of the 28 different candle patterns with their abbreviations

Quick Reference Guide

4. Now you can register for the  live, online training class.  Click the button to register now.

July 24 @ 12noon eastern: Starting to use Nison Candle Scanner on TradingView. Highlighting, scanning, alerting, some other features. Questions & Answers

Register here for live training

5. After the live training class is complete, we will post the recording here:

Recording of Training Session


6.  Questions on using NCS Beta Test, or need to manage the program (upgrade/cancel etc)

Call/Text:  1-732-561-2152

Chat:  click the chat button in bottom right corner of this page

Information:  At the end of your Beta Test program, you will be automatically converted to the monthly subscription plan.  You will have the ability to upgrade to our annual or lifetime plans during your Beta Test (with credit) as well as managing your program via emailing: