"Catching The Next Big Move"

(And Avoiding The Big Losses!)

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Let Me Show You How To Use Candlesticks To Catch Big Moves

Stocks, FX, Options, Crypto, and more – Day Traders, Swing Traders,
and Even Long-Term Investors

This training program is designed for:

  • Those new to candlesticks
  • Traders who have learned candles elsewhere and want to make sure they are using the candles correctly
  • Experienced candlestick traders who want to learn these focused strategies for big moves

Plus, You Will Discover How To Overcome These Common Trading Challenges

Many traders lose too much by making simple mistakes, you'll see how to avoid them

  • Entering trades too late or missing a great trade

    “Steve, I can’t find the high probability trades quickly enough, so many times I’ve missed great opportunities”  let me show you how to use my favorite candles and Western strategies to quickly pinpoint the best trading opportunities

  • Getting into a trade and it immediately turns against you

    “I bought on a breakout only to have the market reverse and I took a huge loss” … when you attend you’ll see how simple it can be to use candlesticks to see potential problems to avoid bad trades

  • Paralysis by analysis

    “How can I narrow down my analysis to the most basic and important signals?  I don’t want to be paralyzed in doing too much analysis.”

    “What combination of signals needs to align before I pull the trigger?”

    Let me share with you my easy-to-use methods of speeding up your analysis and coming to decisions quickly!

  • Lack of confidence when it's time to pull the trigger

    “I lacked the confidence to act when I thought it was the right time, but then regretted not doing the trade afterwards” … You’ll love how following my proven candle strategies can quickly boost your confidence so you’ll always know you’re making a good decision

  • Staying in losing trades too long

    “I held onto a losing trade too long and it almost wiped out my account.”

    “Sometimes I get into a trade and it just sits there, and 9 times out of 10 it will ultimately go against me.”

    My risk/reward methods will virtually eliminate this problem, because you will stay away from risky trades to begin with, and will know when to jump out before it hurts you.

  • Getting out of winning trades too early

    “I get out of winning trades too early”

    “I usually exit, and then the trade often corrects somewhat but then continues to go higher after that.”

    By using my combination of candles and Western strategies together, you will be able to let your profit ride to maximum levels!

Module 1

The Framework

  • Introduction to Steve Nison's Trading Triad Success System™
  • Practical guide to drawing the basic candle lines - real bodies and shadows
  • Why candles give DOUBLE the information of a bar chart
  • Learn the 10 key candlestick signals every trader and investor must know
  • Tactics on using real bodies to gauge market momentum
  • Adding the insights of upper and lower shadows
  • Identifying false breakouts using candle charts

Module 2

Going To The Next Level: Candlesticks + Western Indicators

  • Using these two simple questions you will instantly know when to buy at support or when to sell at resistance
  • Getting Price Targets
  • Steve's favorite measured move
  • How and why prior support can be converted into new resistance
  • How and why prior resistance can become new support
  • The Bullish "Crack and Snap" strategy
  • The Bearish "Falling Off The Roof" tactic
  • How to recognize and take advantage of False Breakouts
  • Candles and Moving Averages
  • Plus much more!

Module 3

Reaching The Upper Levels Through Trade Management

  • The one rule every trader ignores at their own peril
  • The importance of short-term trend
  • What to do after the trade is made
  • How to place trades in the direction of the longer-term trend
  • Using Candles to place stops
  • Effective money management concepts to maximize the effectiveness of candle charts
  • How and why some traders get "burned" with candles
  • How NOT to use candles!
  • “Nison Trading Principles” — Critical Refinements and Enhancements for High Success Trading with Candlestick Charts
  • Plus much more!

Bonus Module

Trading Options With Candles

  • Benefits of options
  • Review of option basics
  • Candlesticks and trend
  • Candlesticks and timing
  • Candlesticks for exits
  • Candlesticks for protection
  • Strategies to help lessen time decay risk
  • Getting price targets

About Your Instructor

Steve Nison, CMT – Founder and CEO of Candlecharts.com

Steve-2006-291x300Steve Nison, CMT and inductee in the Traders Hall of Fame, is uniquely qualified to help you fully exploit the opportunities candlestick  charts present to today’s markets. As a renowned author and speaker, he has the distinction of being the first to reveal candlesticks charts to the Western world.

Mr. Nison is not only the acknowledged master of these previously secret candlestick techniques, but is also an expert on Western technical analysis with over 30 years real world experience.

Regarded as one of the most foremost technical analysts in the world, Mr. Nison’s client list includes Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, NYSE and NASDAQ market makers, hedge funds and money managers. He now teaches the public the same secret strategies previously reserved only for his institutional clients.

His work has been highlighted in The Wall Street JournalWorth MagazineInstitutional Investor and Barron’s.

He has presented his trading strategies in 20 countries to traders from almost every investment firm on how to apply – and profit from – these methods. He has also lectured at numerous universities. And he was guest speaker at the World Bank and the Federal Reserve.

These Strategies Work In Every Market – No Exceptions

That’s one of the great things about candlestick charts. They truly are universal!

  • No matter what markets you trade…
  • No matter what time frame you trade…

You’ll walk away with methods and strategies that improve your trading and confidence levels.

How Many Ways Will This Training Improve Your Life?

I cannot stress how powerfully these secrets can affect your life. There is no other training like this anywhere.

When you sit down to place your trades and pull your profits, it’s important for you to know your real motivation. What do those profits mean to you?

  • Getting rid of that annoying debt
  • Spending more time with your loved ones
  • Enjoying fantastic vacations and making great memories
  • Freedom to do whatever you desire
  • Saying “adios” to your boss once and for all

That’s what this training really represents. It’s to give you the power to take control of your life.

And that’s what I’m ready to help you accomplish!

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Discover How Steve Sets Up His Own Trades

I will show you how I look for, evaluate, and monitor trades for my own account. You can use these strategies to set up your trades the very next day. NOTE: I will show you these strategies so you can use them in your own trading.  And these strategies aren't just for trading! You can use the same exact strategies I use for my long-term investment accounts. I'll show you the exact strategies I used to avoid losing 50% in my investments and then caught the lows to boost my performance. I will also show you what I am doing with my retirement stock portfolio now. ($249 value)

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Printable Handouts

As a special bonus, you will have instant access to all of the charts you will see in the class, along with complete explanations to help you use the techniques in your own trading immediately. They are inside the training center in an easy-to-download and print PDF format. This is a valuable collection that will become your trusted reference tool!

Bonus 3

Chart Challenges

What is the best way to confirm and solidify about what you learned? By interacting with Steve during the training to answer “chart challenge” questions he will give you. Using real world charts, Steve will ask questions based on a specific chart so you can formulate your own answer based on what you have learned to that point. After you have come up with your own answer, Steve will give you his analysis so you can compare your outcome with his. This is a great way to get you supremely confident that you have correctly learned the most important aspects of Catching The Next Big Move.

Bonus 4

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Normally, our online streaming video courses such as this are only offered with a one or two week license. But for a limited time we are offering you a full year of access for the same price. This means you will be able to go back to this training time after time to continue getting valuable tips on how to improve your trading with these special strategies. ($197 value, but it's yours free!)

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"Catching The Next Big Move"

(And Avoiding The Big Losses!)


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