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Understanding the spectrum of  CHAOS TO ORDER in your trading career will enable you to trade with rules, framework, and strategy; leading you to ultimate success

A taste of what you will receive...

  • Learn how proper use of Japanese Candlesticks with western technical indicators helps to bring order in chaotic markets and conditions.
  • See how a visual representation of price movements over time helps you to recognize trends, support and resistance levels, key reversal points, and more.
  • Discover how traders & investors of any market and any timeframe should use combination and validation to confirm or invalidate signals and gain more confidence in their trading decisions.

Who should register for this training

  • Traders and investors who want to participate in understanding how to trade profitably on a consistent basis
  • Traders who can identify and use basic candle patterns…and now want additional ways to trade to improve their trading performance
  • Those looking for real reasons to enter and exit markets

Your instructor for this training...

Tim Hornish, Nison Certified Trainer

Tim Hornish has a wealth of experience in sports, business & consulting, and has been trading stocks & options for more than 20 years – he is a long-time student of and uses proper Nison Candlestick Patterns along with Western Technicals at the core of all his trading, investing & trade management activities.

Tim loves how proper Candlestick Patterns provide early turning signals, help preserve capital & improve market timing – and he is passionate about helping others benefit from the education, tools & strategies that will help improve confidence and serve as a foundation for success.


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