Work privately with our Nison Certified Trainers to solve your specific trading problems and guidance to help achieve your objectives

Tim Hornish: Nison Certified Trainer™

Tim Hornish has a wealth of experience in sports, business & consulting, and has been trading stocks & options for more than 20 years – he is a long-time student of and uses proper Nison Candlestick Patterns along with Western Technical’s at the core of all his trading, investing & trade management activities.Tim loves how proper Candlestick Patterns provide early turning signals, help preserve capital & improve market timing – and he is passionate about helping others benefit from the education, tools & strategies that will help improve confidence and serve as a foundation for success.

Ryan Buchinski, Nison Certified Trainer™

Ryan Buchinski started trading in early 2016. He’s traded a variety of markets including Stocks, Options, Crypto, Futures, and Forex. After seeing quick success he then experienced the boom and bust cycles most traders go through before gaining traction in his career.

Ryan’s main turning point happened after he joined Steve Nison’s Candlecharts program. The charting & risk principles Steve has taught me remain fundamental and applicable to every market I trade. As Steve Says: “If you want to cross the river, you must first build a bridge.” From my trading experience, Candlecharts is the source for building your bridge.