Entries & Exits

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Dive into a world of focused growth with our Small Group Coaching sessions, where Entries & Exits take center stage. These sessions are designed to provide personalized attention and tailored strategies that cater to your unique learning journey.

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  • The before and after is a remarkable change in my trading. I have more successful and safer trades than ever before.
  • I wish I had had your information a month or so earlier. Spotting those turning points earlier could have saved me about $35,000 in lost profits. That could have bought me a fairly nice car
  • I have picked up many gems of knowledge which would have taken me many years of trading and much loss of capital to acquire for myself
  • Detailed discussions on plans and rules for Entries and Exits
  • Processing the Life Cycle of a Trade: Entry, Management, Exit
  • Works in Any Market and Any Time Frame
  • Focused environment to maximize development potential
  • Direct feedback to refine skills and knowledge
  • Harnessing collective wisdom for enhanced learning
  • Personalized attention for targeted growth
  • Tailored strategies to fit individual needs
  • Dynamic discussions for deeper understanding

Your Instructor for this Program:

Tim Hornish

Nison Certified Trainer

  • Session Dates: May 7,14,21
  • 3 Live Interactive Sessions: 7:00pm-8:00pm eastern (New York time)
  • All live sessions are interactive with students being able to speak and communicate with the group
  • Recordings of sessions accessible inside of your account

Engage in dynamic discussions, receive feedback, and collaborate with peers who share your passion for progress. Unlock the power of collective wisdom and accelerate your development with the essential insights offered in our Small Group Coaching.

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What Small Group Coaching Students Have to Say

  • Gladys M. Gladys M.
    Recently I took two Small Group Coaching classes. Both classes were taught by Tim Hornish and Paul Siegel. The first class was a Case Study class which has been very helpful as far as getting me thinking a little differently about what I need to do to get started in trading again. These two people have answered all my questions, for which I am very grateful. Right now I am taking another Small Group Coaching Class called Taking Action. So far it has been an exciting class. I am actually learning from the other students in the class and the case studies are what I feel will get me off the ground to trade again. I had lost most of my confidence in trading but I now believe that I will be able to trade again with education, some practice and learning the platforms. There is a definite learning curve but I can't say enough good about Tim or Paul because no matter how many questions I or anyone else in the classes have, they are always willing to answer them and they make sure we understand. I am happy that I have done this because now I feel as if I'm on the right path of learning what I need to be a solid trader. Thank You to Steve Nison and all his trainers. And thank you, Paul, for all your patience.

The group allows you to see different perspectives on how to interpret charts. The interactive nature of the sessions allows you to share thoughts and opinions and question anything you don't understand.

Nick P.

I have enjoyed the perspectives from different long-time traders to provide a wealth of ideas on strategy and trading. I've also benefited from the emphasis on risk management, candles in context, keeping a trade journal, etc. Until it becomes "second nature", I'm in the process of creating a checklist for my trades to remember to look at the various aspects. I especially like that I can go back and listen to the sessions as many times as I want.

Debi W..

Everything I need is being provided by Small Group Coaching videos and Market Central daily videos, special topics and I am creating my own strategy!

Jeannie B.