Test Run Program: 

Information & Resources

for successful install, please follow in order

1. Watch this video first, for instructions on how to download/install Ninja Trader and then Nison Candle Scanner

2. Now that you have watched the install video, you must first install Ninja Trader 8.  Please click on the button to begin downloading Ninja Trader - if you have previously installed Ninja Trader 8, skip this step and go to number 3

Download Ninja Trader

3. After you have successfully downloaded Ninja Trader, as per the directions in the video, please close Ninja, and download NCS at this button.  Note you will receive your NCS license key via email.  (will be sent from:  info@candlecharts.com)

Download Nison Candle Scanner

4. Your trial comes with End of Day Data via Kinetick.  If you want real time data, you can either purchase a data feed, or have an account at a partner broker.  Click on the connection guides button for more information on available data providers

Ninja Trader connection guides

5.  Here is the recording of the most recent Idea session which will provide some training for you on using NCS

Important contact information:

  • For assistance with the Ninja Trader platform:  please email:  support@ninjatrader.com
  • For assistance with NCS:  please either chat or email info@candlecharts.com
  • At the end of your 10 day Test Run program, you will be automatically converted to the monthly subscription plan.  You will have the ability to upgrade to lifetime during your Test Run as well as managing your program via emailing:  info@candlecharts.com

More NCS Info