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Yes, you can use candlestick methods and strategies in every market in the world


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  • Candlesticks work in EVERY country
  • Candlesticks work with ALL types of instruments
  • Candlesticks are found on EVERY trading platform
  • Candlesticks will work for YOU

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What our international students say

Great learning. In fact every episode provides a new insight. Keep up the good work.

Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma

The candle training focuses on what really matters in chart analysis, questions established analysis and trading behaviours, and helps to develop more confidence.

Willfried Wienholt Germany

This is actually the very first trade I made with this kind of analysis, thanks to your training. I believe I am finally breaking through, and finally started the journey to become a successful trader. I would like to thank you for outstanding presentation in the webinar, I really enjoyed it, with a lot of priceless hints, and believe it is a must course for everyone.

Mladen Valcic
Mladen Valcic

I was broadly a break-even trader and was looking for that one light bulb moment to achieve a break through but I found the course has helped in many areas: Identifying Support and Resistance areas... Using Candles in context... and Application of Change of Polarity. I am exceptionally pleased with the course.

Geoff Birkett United Kingdom

The foundation to investing starts with understanding the meaning and the context of each candle which this course has provided and has saved me a LOT of wasted money. THANK YOU!

Gricel Muhl
Gricel Muhl

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