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If you day trade or  swing trade...

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  • Discover why and how candlestick patterns should be traded differently on intraday charts
  • How to combine intraday signals with longer time frame support and resistance
  • Using intraday candlestick charts to find “hidden” support/resistance
  • How to get earlier clues of reversals than you can with daily charts
  • Easy method to determine if the market is really overbought or oversold
  • When to pull the trigger on an intraday trade
  • Chart Challenges to ensure your brain is programmed with these new strategies… so you will know precisely how to respond when you get back to trading after the seminar
  • BONUS: Learn the “Bouncing Ball” intraday trade set-up we use in our own trading… and see for yourself why traders let out an audible “wow” when they see this at 67:32 of the training session ($99 value for this section alone!)

While some of this information is found in my Forex DVD training program, I have customized this information to be 100% intraday focused for this special on-demand training.

Which means that you will be getting my most up-to-date strategies on this vital topic.

What Smart Traders Are Saying

About This Training

Here's why I'm so excited to
give you this training

There are a lot of people out there teaching candlesticks.

All of them are well-intentioned. But from what I’ve been able to gather, they are misinformed educators.

Instead of doing their own original research, they take my well-researched and documented teaching and add their own “flavor” to it. Unfortunately, too often that flavor turns sour when you trade with their strategies.

So I want to set the record straight by blowing apart their error-filled approaches…and showing you how to use these intraday candlestick strategies with intelligence and confidence.

Answers to your questions

  • q-iconCan I use this intraday candle charting information when I trade Forex or E-Minis?

    Yes! These strategies will work in ANY market… and in ANY time frame. You will benefit from this information if you trade stocks, ETFs, commodities, Forex, or anything else.

  • q-iconAre these strategies also valid for scalping?


  • q-iconI don’t currently day trade, but this training looks interesting. Should I still attend?

    Yes! I always tell my students to watch intraday charts… even if they trade longer term. You’ll see things earlier than other traders so you can take advantage of this valuable information.


  • q-iconWill you be giving any materials such as handouts?

    Yes! We will give you access to a file with all of the charts and slides I refer to during the training session. This is a great desk reference for you to use while you’re trading.

  • q-iconHow similar is the training in this on-demand session to your DVD training programs?

    You can find about 75% of the information I’ll be sharing with you during the session on the intraday section of my “Profiting in Forex” DVD. The additional new material I’ll give you includes more focus on shorting using ETFs, using intraday charts to confirm support and resistance levels on daily charts, intraday charts using current markets, and more explanation of using intraday candle charts in Forex.

  • q-iconWill you be giving any materials such as handouts?

    Yes! We will give you access to a file with all of the charts and slides I use during the presentation. This is a great desk reference for you to use while you’re trading.

  • q-iconHow often can I view the training?

    The recording can be viewed as often as you like for one full year. And you will have rights to view it on up to two computers. BONUS: Order now and receive an instant upgrade to lifetime access!

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Who should register for this training

  • Intraday traders who want to improve their market timing and decrease their risk
  • Swing traders who want to get earlier reversal signals than those shown on daily charts
  • Longer-term traders who are tired of missing out on important reversals and want better strategies to protect their money and enhance their results

Discover how Intraday Secrets gives you an ingenious new way
to short the market using reverse indexes to give you
an unstoppable advantage in any market


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