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Gain a deep understanding of how to capitalize on the hidden secrets professional traders know about candles using any timeframe – even if you're not a day trader


GOOD NEWS! Though it may be helpful to gain the skills and knowledge covered in the first Intraday Charts Mastery course, it's not an essential pre-requisite. This Intraday Charts Mastery 2 training is a valuable course for you on its own. (To learn more about the first Intraday Charts Mastery course, go here now.)

What Will You Discover?
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"Anyone can improve their results by using intraday charts. It doesn't matter if you are a long-term investor or a fast-paced day trader. And it doesn't matter if you are in stocks, FX, mutual funds, commodities, or anything else. Intraday charts are a fantastic tool for squeezing the most from every trade."

Steve Nison, CMT
Founder and CEO of

How This New Training Gives You An Advantage

  • Better understand true reversals candles and continuation patterns

  • Use hidden secrets all floor traders use for entry and exits

  • Exponentially increase finding high probability trade setups

  • Develop greater degree of patience

  • Learn precision entries and easy money targets

  • Avoid costly errors

  • Maximize profits using proven strategies

  • Gauge momentum on buys and sells

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Your Instructor For This Training


Nison Certified Trainer

Syl has been an independent trader and technical analyst for many years and was a former student of

Syl uses his trading experience to teach traders and investors the proper use of Nison’s candlesticks, Western technical analysis and Trade Management.

As a Nison Certified Trainer Syl has the proven expertise and skills to provide quality education and support to ensure the best experience with products and services.

Gain These NEW Principles Of Intraday Charts & Trading

  • Which Charts to Use for Best Results

    To be successful using candlestick trading signals, it is important that you know and understand the context they live in for best results. Knowing which time frame and type of trader you are can simplify and remove the added confusion of too many indicators and timeframes to your analysis for superior results.

  • Understand the True Structure of Candle Patterns

    Japanese Candlesticks provide early warning alerts to possible price movements. Understanding the true structure of these candles in sequence provides unmatched confidence yielding increased profitable trade opportunities.

  • Read Candles Like Legendary Japanese Rice Traders

    For centuries, Japanese candlestick charts have been used to develop forecasts for financial investment. Properly reading and interpreting the message built into each Real Body and Shadow, we can better understand a stock’s movements and predict its future.

  • Hidden Secrets of Professional Floor Traders

    Once you understand the construction of a Japanese candlestick, you’re ready to begin studying patterns and signals. The strongest patterns to comprehend involves “true” support and resistance as seen by Professional Floor Traders. Seeing what they see provides an unfair advantage over the amateurs.

  • See and Think Like a Professional Trader

    To amateurs and unaware young traders, Professional Floor Traders spot and interpret Japanese candlestick patterns differently, visually detecting selling and buying pressure in unsuspected regions known to amateur traders. By studying informative candlestick patterns as Floor Traders do, your revived insight, patience, and vigilance will help you make some of your smartest trading decisions.

  • Identify Who is REALLY in Control

    No more guessing whether the bulls or bears are in control of the market. With the precision skills you’ll gain through this training, you’ll know who is in control and will be able to plan your trades to go with the prevailing trend.


Syl's Chart Setups

Get the same overbought/oversold chart setups Syl uses in his own trading
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Syl's Follow-up "Markets of Your Choice" Session

Join Syl for an exciting "Markets of Your Choice" session where he analyzes markets submitted by you and your fellow students... it's an excellent way to see these strategies used in a real-world situation

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One-Year Access to the Recording

Learn from this training as much as you like during your one year of full access to the recordings
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Printable Training Handouts

Get all of the handouts we use during the training event in convenient PDF format to print and use for notes during the event
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10 Cardinal Rules of Intraday Trading

Get the ten most important rules of analyzing intraday charts to avoid costly mistakes and zero in on the best opportunities
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Traders Love

Using candle charts has made me be a more profitable trader.

John Bollinger, CFA, CMT
John Bollinger, CFA, CMT Creator of Bollinger Bands

If you are tired of working for your money and you want to learn how to make your money work for you…. Steve is the man!

Robert Turner
Robert Turner

I recently completed your video workshop and I wish I was introduced to this method a year ago. It would have saved me big bucks.

James Kume

I am almost 62 and looking for a consistent way to move into retirement with supplements to what my wife and I already have. I am so jazzed by the information and wisdom imparted here that I am certain that the financial part of our retirement will be well secured and earlier than we had thought. Thank you Steve Nison!

Tom Brodick

His techniques and strategies turned my trading around. It’s very simple and deadly accurate.

William Chase
William Chase

I have been  learning on my own for about 1.5 years and … I am profitable for the first time in my trading career.

Bob Boursaw
Bob Boursaw

The candles allow accurate, precise, earlier entries than anything else that I am aware of…it is almost like continuously ringing the cash register.

James Barrett
James Barrett

Premier financial institutions  choose him to train their traders, some of whom were already the best in the industry. How often do you get a chance to train with someone at that level, especially in the trading arena?

Greg Payne