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Students Love This Kaizen Apprenticeship Training

  • Both instructors did a great job! The foundation to investing starts with understanding the meaning and the context of each candle which this course has provided and has saved me a LOT of wasted money. THANK YOU!
    Gricel M. Gricel M.
  • This is actually the very first trade I made with this kind of analysis, thanks to the KAIZEN training. I believe I am finally breaking through, and finally started the journey to become a successful trader. I would like to thank you for outstanding presentation in the webinar, I really enjoyed it, with a lot of priceless hints, and believe it is a must course for everyone.
    Mladen V. Mladen V.
  • Despite having taken Steve's Master Class four years ago, I had forgotten to use the candles in context and that was why I was failing in most of my trades. My R/R was not working out because I was not trading the candles in the respective areas they should be, like at support and resistance. Now my entries are better and as a result so is my R/R. This has regained my confidence in my trading and myself out of trading.
    Dominic Hughes Dominic Hughes

Discover how our

Kaizen Apprenticeship ON DEMAND

program guides you to big results through small, steady improvements!

Trainers Show You How to Apply Everything in Real-World Trading Situations

Interactive Involvement So You Can Ask Questions Until You Fully Understand – Which Takes You to a Higher Level of Learning

Overcome the #1 Obstacle: Lack of Confidence in Trade Decisions

Through On-Demand Training, You Will Know How to FIND the Trade... ENTER the Trade... MONITOR the Trade... and EXIT Safely with Maximum Profits

"Kaizen" is Japanese for overcoming the plateau of stalled development... meaning the need for continuous improvement

Let our Nison Certified Trainers guide you every step of the way...

Every Trader or Investor Faces This Same Problem

When you begin trading or investing, smart people get training to give you knowledge that can take you to certain levels of success. When you trade using new candlestick training, you are typically able to see quick results.

After many years of helping students, we know that most will hit plateaus. That’s when the results you experienced before stop growing. You feel stuck.

Here's How This Kaizen Apprenticeship Pushes You Higher

What was originally created to improve efficiency in Japanese factories, the principle of Kaizen has become a global phenomenon in all areas of business.
It is popular everywhere, because Kaizen works.

Improving the process is the holy grail of Kaizen. Most people focus too much on the end results they desire, which causes frustration when results begin to slip.

Kaizen followers realize that improving their processes will improve results.

Transform Yourself

Trading and investing involves many different tasks and processes. From information gathering, to choosing tools to use, to the actual analysis, to the ultimate decision-making.

This Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship for traders and investors helps by focusing on small, continual improvements to all of these individual tasks and processes. As a result of focusing on improving your trading and investing processes, you will see your overall results improve again.

This is not just a quick-fix. Instead, it’s a commitment to ongoing improvement that will bring you ongoing results.

Here's how the Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship works...

  • On Demand Training

    Each of our sessions are available to watch on demand. Join in from anywhere in the world!

  • Top Trainers

    All of this training is taught by our two world-class Nison Certified Trainers. See full bios below.

  • Group Dynamic

    You will benefit from the on demand sessions, and interactive nature of access with our team

  • Ongoing Help

    With a dedicated Kaizen Apprenticeship member site, we are here to help you every step of the way.

  • Great Bonuses

    When you register, we give you a ton of great bonuses to help ensure your success in the program.

The Kaizen Apprenticeship training focuses on what really matters in chart analysis, questions established analysis and trading behaviours, and helps to develop more confidence.

I got convinced that the proper identification of support and resistance areas together with price and candle pattern analysis is the first and most important step towards successful trading. Additional tools like indicators or retracements are supportive instruments in the following steps of analysis, and it is worth to notice confluence of the same as it happens occasionally. So far, I started to develop more confidence in the systematics of chart analysis and in the identification of reasonable trades.

- Willfried W.

Personally, I really like the small group of students with direct interactions with instructors. Good pace and very good content. I'm looking forward to when we pull the pieces together to look at generating systems for trading effectively.

- Lee B.

The things I like best about this training are: The training about the progression of bullish & bearish candles, the emphasis on volume as an indicator of buying/selling climax, the use of context for interpretation of candle signals, and the trade-off in candle confirmations.

As I have developed my own trading system, this Kaizen training has helped me refine where candle signals are used to identify bounce and breakout triggers.

- Rudolph F.


1-on-1 with the President of

To ensure your success in the Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship, you will also receive a 1-on-1 consultation with Paul Siegel, the President of

This 1-on-1 consultation is your chance to explain your trading and investing goals, your struggles and road blocks, and other pertinent information.

You will also receive instructions on best practices of this program.


Your Instructors Guide You Every Step of the Way

Syl Desaulniers


Syl has been an independent trader and technical analyst for many years and was a former student of

Syl uses his trading experience to teach traders and investors the proper use of Nison’s candlesticks, Western technical analysis and Trade Management.

As a Nison Certified Trainer Syl has the proven expertise and skills to provide quality education and support to ensure the best experience with products and services.

Brian Houston


Brian has been trading stocks for 37 years, and has devoted much of his trading career to options strategies.

During that time, he has used Steve Nison's candlestick patterns to continually improve his knowledge and skills.

Recently, Brian has has also added Elliott Wave theory to his set of trading tools.

You Will Master These Important Skills

BONUS: 2 Months of Exclusive Access

  • Exclusive KAIZEN student discussion forum
  • Daily and Weekly Market Recaps – equity indexes, equity/commodity/bond futures, FOREX
  • Daily Morning Trade Setup
  • Daily Chart of the Day
  • Weekly Options Outlook and Currency Corner Session
  • Bi-weekly Trading Strategy Sessions
  • Weekly Chart Challenge
  • Access to Special Topic Sessions
  • Bonus Sections: Candle pattern and Western Technical glossaries
  • Total Retail Value: $298.00

This Innovative New 2-Month Program Gives You...

2 months of full access to all of the resources in
(value: $298)

Private consultation with Paul Siegel, President of
(value: $199)

Participation in the intensive 7-session Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship program, taught only by Nison Certified Trainers™
(value: $1,495)

Interaction with Nison Certified Trainers during the Kaizen Apprenticeship program via our exclusive Kaizen Discussion Forum and direct email access
(value: priceless!)

Individual coaching session with a Nison Certified Trainer
(value: $249)

Session homework assignments

Final exam

Awarded the distinct honor designation of Kaizen Technician™

Total Program Value: $2,687+

Regular Early Alert Tuition: $1,495

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Continuous Improvement in your Trading and Investing Skills await!


Due to the intensive amount of time spent by our team to deliver this training, no refunds will be given for this Kaizen Apprenticeship program.