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Introducing The All-New

The life of a trader can be lonely. The hours spent in front of your computer screens... suffering through trading decisions on your own... wondering if there's anyone else out there going through the same things your are. But now it's all going to change for you.

That's because gives you a friendly, exciting community of like-minded traders. Not only will you be able to forge relationships with traders around the globe inside, but you'll also have front-row access to cutting-edge trading insights, bonus training, and step-by-step assistance to enhance your trading results.

You'll love that is far more than just an online chat group. Check out the amazing collection of tools, training, and lively interaction that will make this your favorite trading spot on the Internet...

  • NEW! The Casual Trader Updates

    With our brand new Casual Trader service, you don’t have to be tied to your desk during the trading day waiting for good opportunities. We created this new service to help anyone quickly find good trade opportunities and be aware of market situations in just a few minutes each week. Our Casual Trader insights are perfect for those who work or go to school during the day, but still want to participate in the markets.


  • Weekly Candle Strategy Sessions

    When you attend these online meetings, we analyze any market of your choice – live during the session! Plus, your knowledge and skill will improve as you watch how we use the best of Nison candles, western indicators, and trade management in our analysis. This is a prime resource to line up your trading ideas for the very next session.


  • Morning Trade Setup

    Before 8am NY time we provide a specific trading strategy you can immediately apply, with support/resistance zones, price targets and protective stops. This is an example of a recent morning trade set up our members received:

  • Trader's Network forum

    In response to member requests, we have added this new feature to enhance your learning by interacting with other members. This is where you can post charts, questions, and invite other members to add their own comments and insight. It’s a great way to boost your knowledge and skills,

  • Forex Focus

    Our weekly Forex Focus session will give you our views just after recaps. Using our candlestick methods and proven technical tools, we will give you valuable insights you can use to make smarter FX trade decisions.

  • Options Outlook

    Each week you will get our unique option analysis to assist you in finding the best opportunities. The sessions will be conducted live in the chart room and posted for all members to access.

  • Special Topic Training Session Access

    We teach special topics to traders that focus on using candlesticks in unique situations. Monthly members receive access to the most current session, and annual/lifetime/Kaizen members receive access to all of the sessions in the library – plus all future special topic training sessions

  • Chart Challenge

    Ready to test your understanding of Nison candles? Then you’ll love this intellectual challenge that members are crazy about! In this member area you’ll see a chart with a unique situation to analyze. Then it’s up to you to answer the question: “What would you do?”

  • Candlecharts Blog

    Our blog posts focus on topics to help broaden your perspective as a trader. From candle patterns to understanding trade management strategies, we aim to give you valuable new insights and worthwhile reminders.

  • Charting Widget

    Be able to review a chart at any time with our new charting widget.

  • Fireside Chat

    You will be able to participate with other members in live, verbal discussions on topics that will assist you in your trading and investing.  Using a headset/mic (optional) to be able to speak with other like minded students on the topics that are of upmost importance in trading results

  • Weekly Wrap-Up

    Knowing what the major markets are doing is pivotal to your trading or investing success.
    That’s why it’s vital to keep an eye on our Weekly Wrap-Up. This is where you get our views on current condition of the major stock indexes, Forex markets, and pivotal commodities such as gold and crude oil.

  • Resources

    When you get inside the Resources section of the member site, you’ll find valuable information on economic releases, earnings, and headlines.
    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

    You’ll also have private access to our extensive collection of educational materials, including numerous articles, tips, and invaluable information for traders in all markets.

  • Video Chart of the Day

    Want to learn how to most effectively use candle charting and western technical indicators with trading strategies in current markets? Then this is the resource for you. On trading days we post a Video Chart of the Day. These charts cover candle charting, Western technical’s, and trading strategies. The goal is to help push your education ahead by discussing interesting situations we discover in charts of different markets and time frames.

PLUS: Your Four FREE Bonus Gifts Worth $375

When you activate your membership, you will have instant access to these valuable bonus gives you won't find anywhere else:

  • BONUS GIFT 1: Steve Nison's Candlestick Visual Glossaries

    Ready to pull a trigger on a trade and want to check out a candle pattern’s definition? Simply click on the pattern’s name and up comes  the pattern’s definition,  what the pattern looks like, the market implication, how the pattern is used as support or resistance, the psychology behind the pattern and a real world chart showing the pattern in action.  This is a great resource ready to be called upon while you’re trading. ($158 value)

  • BONUS GIFT 2: Glossary of Western Indicators

    We recommend adding Western indicators as part of your analysis. As such we have made a glossary of dozens of the most widely followed western indicators.  While this is especially useful for those new to technical analysis- it’s also a powerful resource for those more experienced to refresh your understanding of these indicators. ($49 value)

  • BONUS GIFT 3: Nison Candle Essentials Video

    New to Nison candles or want to make sure you are using them most effectively? Then you need to check out this specially made 29 minute video going over the candle essentials including some key “Nison Trading Principles”, adding candles to Western indicators and how NOT to use candles. ($99 value)

  • BONUS GIFT 4: The 4 Common & Costly Mistakes Almost Every Trader Makes With Candle Charts

    With the popularity of candles comes misuse. We found that a large percentage of those applying candlesticks (even the so called “experts”) are using them either incorrectly or not harnessing their full potential. This is why we have Nison Candlesticks – Candlestick Training the Right Way. This Special Report will detail some of the most financially damaging mistakes many traders make with candle charts. ($69 value)

Rub Shoulders Inside With These Candlestick Charting Experts...

Steve Nison, CMT
Founder and CEO of

Steve Nison holds the distinction of introducing Japanese Candlestick Charting to the Western world. Mr. Nison is not only the acknowledged master of these previously secret candlestick techniques, but is also an expert on Western technical analysis. He has presented his trading strategies to traders from firms such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Fidelity on how to apply – and profit from – these methods.


Syl Desaulniers
Nison Certified Trainer

Syl has been trading for six years and is a former student of Steve Nison. He has an extensive knowledge of both candles and the Nison Candle Scanner software. Syl is skilled trading options and equities when combined with candlestick and quality chart patterns.

Brian Houston
Nison Certified Trainer

Brian has been trading stocks for 37 years, and has devoted much of his trading career to options strategies. During that time, he has used Steve Nison's candlestick patterns to continually improve his knowledge and skills. Recently, Brian has has also added Elliott Wave theory to his set of trading tools.

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