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If you trade FX, this innovative software helps you instantly find Steve Nison's favorite candle patterns in your markets, saves you HOURS of research time, and boosts your trading profits immediately

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Improve The Quality Of Your FX Trades By Making Smarter Decisions Immediately

You can count on Nison Candle Highlighter's ability to accurately pinpoint correct candle patterns

  • Save Hours of Research Time

  • Find Steve Nison's Favorite Candle Patterns

  • Discover Which Patterns are Happening Now

It's a top Goal of Traders Everywhere:
Spend LESS Time Looking for Potential Winners

  • Breeze through the big picture

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks

  • No complicated code

Let Us Do All The Hard Work For You

Designed To Make Your Life Easier

nchboxWhen I decided to develop my own advanced candle highlighting software, I worked with my programmers to create a “push-button” easy way to identify my favorite candlestick patterns.

This Is How It Highlights The Candlestick Patterns

Use Nison Candle Highlighter to quickly identify all of the different candlestick patterns that appeared in a specific time frame for any individual market instrument.

Traders Love Their Nison Software

It's like trading with Steve Nison right next to you. No second guessing yourself. Forget about the cost of the software, this is a must have for any trader. If you lost money in the market then you seriously need NCS.

Jake P.
Jake P.

I was able to download and start identifying Shooting Stars and Hammers within MINUTES. Saves countless hours of analysis time.  This is a great educational tool and also inspires trading confidence by having the capability of Steve’s insight right on the chart you are studying.

Dwayne M.
Dwayne M.

This software is your Nison candlestick trading coach. This gives the Nison Candlestick trader the ability to feel confident from day one no matter how much candlestick experience you have as a trader. Using the candlestick patterns correctly gives higher trade success.

Benhard F.
Benhard F.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow do I learn how to install and learn how to use Nison Candle Highlighter?

    Please refer to the Nison Candle Highlighter Resource section of Candlechartsacademy. This page contains the Nison Candle Highlighter installation video and instructions, support information, and helpful videos located on the Nison Candle Highlighter.

  • q-iconWill you ship the software to me?

    The Nison Candle Highlighter is a download from our resource page. The software is not in a dvd format, only downloadable. All resources for the software are located inside of

  • q-iconHow do I show the pattern identification on the charts?

    From the menu choose Insert, and then Indicators and then Custom.   Click on the Nisoncandlescan from the list of available indicators.  A customization box appears and then click OK after making any desired changes.

  • q-iconWill I be able to take advantage of upgrades to the Nison Candle Highlighter?

    Purchasing the Nison Candle Highlighter allows you access to all future upgrades. This does not include additional modules or indicators that may be released in the future.

  • q-iconWill the Nison Candle Highlighter provide intraday time frames?

    The Nison Candle Highlighter can be used on any time frame.

  • q-iconWill the software teach me to use candle techniques?

    No, the software will highlight the 28 candle patterns personally selected by Steve Nison. You need additional candlestick education to effectively use the patterns in your trading or investing.

  • q-iconHow do I learn to use candle charting strategies?

    Please visit or if you would like to have a customized package assembled for you, please contact

  • q-iconDoes the Nison Candle Highlighter give me trade recommendations?

    The Nison Candle Highlighter will identify the bullish, bearish and neutral patterns by using plus and minus signs. These are only pattern identifications, it does not give you trade recommendations.

  • q-iconWhat happens when I get a new computer?

    When you change computers for any reason, simply use you license number on the new computer. This also applies when you change the hard drive in your current computer.

  • q-iconI bought Nison Candle Highlighter for another platform, but use MT4 as my main platform, can I switch?

    Yes, please contact

  • q-iconCan I see the entire pattern name instead of the abbreviations?

    Set the “Use Pattern Abbreviation” to “false” to see the entire pattern name.

  • q-iconCan I see the pattern names as they develop?

    Yes, the patterns may change until the candle is complete.

  • q-iconCan I determine what candle patterns are displayed on charts?

    Set each candle pattern to either “true or false”.

  • q-iconCan the Nison Candle Highlighter be used for automatic trading?

    No, the Nison Candle Highlighter does not give trading recommendations.

  • q-iconCan the Nison Candle Highlighter be used with any Forex markets?

    The Nison Candle Highlighter can be used with any MT4 markets.

  • q-iconWill the Nison Candle Highlighter show support and resistance points?

    No, the Nison Candle Highlighter does not show support or resistance, this is where you use your market  and candle education education.

  • q-iconWill the Nison Candle Highlighter highlight patterns on historical data for back testing my strategy?

    It will show the patterns historically, but candle patterns are difficult to back test, because of the western technical that you need for confirmation.

  • q-iconDoes the Nison Candle Highlighter have a back testing module?

    No, there is not a back testing module for the Nison Candle Highlighter

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The Candle Pattern Quick Reference Video

This vital bonus video shows you all the 28 patterns used in the Nison Candle Highlighter software. It also walks you through a quick explanation of how to interpret and use the patterns in your decision making.

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Access NCH for MT4 MonthlyJust $69 Monthly

When you choose MONTHLY access, you get it for just $69 today, and then $69 each month you maintain your membership

Access NCH for MT4 LifetimeJust $595 One Time

When you choose LIFETIME access, you get it for just $595 (regularly $995).  Take advantage of this special savings offer!

I can spend more time analyzing the trade (trade management/risk reward), rather than finding candle patterns. NCH helps enhance a trader's confidence because it reinforces patterns the trader recognizes. This is especially true for traders who have just started with candles. NCH is also a great educational tool/supplement for those who undergo Steve's training. It identifies potential trades faster and highlights the patterns clearly so that I wouldn't have to sit there and analyze whether or not it really closed more than halfway beneath the previous bar, or whether the tail is really twice as long as the body. Best of all, it'll show me the really tiny windows that are impossible to see unless I mouse over for the exact price points.

Jessica Dai
Jessica Dai

NCH saves time for quicker and timelier analysis potentially leading to better trades, fewer losses, and more profitability.  A tool such as this that provides quick and accurate analysis is a trader’s dream.

Mark Kowalkowski
Mark Kowalkowski

Your screener woke me up to the candle patterns in a real world. It was  eye opening.

Stu McAlpin
Stu McAlpin
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