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Now You Can Become a Master of Nison Candle Scanner

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Mastery Level Training Program...

From the moment we first introduced the Nison Candle ScannerTM software, traders like you from around the world have been singing its praises.

But they have also been wanting advanced training to help them get to the next level of NCS expertise beyond the training that comes with the software.

So we rolled up our sleeves and got busy. Our goal was to create a fast-paced, step-by-step program to help you become a Master of NCS… and give you the customized help you need to personalize the software for your own specific requirements.

Elevate yourself above other traders by intelligently automating your routines with advanced NCS tips, tricks, and strategies...

Introducing the Nison Candle Scanner Mastery Training Program

After many months of intense development, we are giving you a fine-tuned training curriculum designed to:

  • Accelerate Your Learning

    We help you leapfrog the learning curve and make you almost instantly productive with the full power of NCSwhether you are brand new to the software or experience with its features

  • Become an NCS Expert

    This training gives you the expertise you need to gain huge timing advantages in entering and exiting your trades

  • Get Direct Access to Syl Desaulniers

    Syl is a professional trader and Nison Certified Trainer – and the world’s foremost expert on Nison Candle Scanner

  • Gain New Insights

    This training is an excellent opportunity to not only receive new insights from your expert instructor, but to also learn from other like-minded students who are as highly-motivated as you are to get the most from NCS

Your NCS Coach: Syl Desaulniers

syldesaulniersMany of probably have worked with Syl Desaulniers – a Nison certified trainer and master of Nison Candle Scanner.

Syl has been trading for six years and is a former student of Steve Nison. Syl is skilled at trading options and equities when combined with candlestick and quality chart patterns.

Syl is the “go to” expert for Nison Candle Scanner and is uniquely qualified to help you reach the top levels of success using the most advanced tools within NCS.

Syl's students say...

"Syl has a nice easy going manner about him he also seems interested in making sure we “get it” and is willing to go the extra mile to do so. I like his thoroughness on each of the screens, taking his time. I can see myself really using the scanner and it being a meaningful part of my personal routine." – David Bridgforth

"Syl is THE MAN... he is always quick to respond and assist me. I feel I owe my success to NCS and trading to him. I just want you to know how valuable I feel he is to your organization." – Dick Mullins

NCS Becomes Your Priceless Trading Assistant

Most traders barely scratch the surface of Nison Candle Scanner’s full capability.

But when you join us for the NCS Mastery Training Program, you will easily gain a complete mastery of this tool.

With our help, you will transform NCS into your own personal trading assistant. It will streamline your trading life by helping you find exactly the types of trades you’re looking for… skipping right past the losers… zeroing in on the golden trading opportunities… saving you hours upon hours of time… and improving your bottom line practically overnight.

How The NCS Mastery Training Program Works For You

  • Access To The Recordings: The recordings are available to you immediately so you can get started learning these important concepts right away and review them when needed (for a limited time, we will upgrade your access to these recordings from one year to LIFETIME – see details below)
  • Direct Email Access to Syl: You will also be able to email your questions to Syl to ensure that all your questions are answered and you truly rise to the level of NCS Master
  • Attend Online at the Candlecharts Academy: We use an easy-to-use online training platform that provides instant access to all the training and materials to maximize the learning experience for you with excellent tools
  • Get Useful Action Strategies: During each session you will receive specific action strategies you can use immediately to maximize your effectiveness with NCS

NCS Mastery Training Module 1

The NinjaTrader High Performance Trading Platform

Prior to beginning the training sessions, you must complete the video training in Session #1 to get you up to speed on the NinjaTrader platform.

This session will show you how to use the NinjaTrader Control Center, Instrument Manager, and the NinjaTrader Charts on multiple time frames.

This recorded Session #1 is designed to help you become knowledgeable with the NinjaTrader Trading Platform.


  • How to access and use the NinjaTrader Help page
  • Using Support and Symbol search


  • Managing indexes, futures, and stocks
  • Creating a custom watch list
  • Adding and removing symbols from a watch list
  • Organizing and grouping watch lists by market type
  • Creating a default watch list


  • Chart Toolbar items
  • Time Frames and Hot Keys
  • Zoom, compression, and fixed scaling
  • Using your 3-button mouse
  • Customization via Data Series
  • Customization via Properties


  • Types of data feeds
  • Connect and auto connect
  • Markets and the data feed


  • Open a new chart
  • Content and design of workspace
  • Effect of open workspaces


  • Instrument list
  • Period
  • Chart style
  • Data
  • Visual
  • Chart templates

NCS Mastery Training Module 2

The Basics and Beyond of Nison Candle Scanner

At the completion of this module, you will be able to create a customized chart with multiple Western indicators, including Nison Candle Scanner. Plus, you will know how to save to and recall Custom Chart Templates to speed up your research.


  • Installation of NCS
  • Customizing the NCS indicators on your charts


  • Adding
  • Removing
  • Adjusting settings
  • Saving


  • Setting up templates
  • Saving templates
  • Loading templates
  • Default templates

NCS Mastery Training Module 3

Live Scanning

At the completion of this module you will be able to create and customize the Market Analyzer for use as a Watch list and/or scanning purposes; scan the markets for any candle pattern using one or more instrument lists; link your Market Analyzer to quickly review scanning result. You will learn how to interactively use NCS to scan for the exact conditions you are interested in.


  • Opening Market Analyzer from Control Center
  • Setting up columns
  • Review each NCS category
  • Link Market Analyzer to your chart


  • Scan and assess the charts and candle patterns that are identified
  • Instruct filter conditions
  • Scan for a single candle pattern and one instrument list
  • Scan another a single candle pattern with multiple instrument lists
  • Scan with multiple candle patterns
  • Scan multiple candle patterns, link the charts, and review the results

NCS Mastery Training Module 4

Using Alerts to Find the Best Trade Candidates

At the completion of this module you will have a full understanding of how to use Alerts with the Nison Candle Scanner when finding trade candidates, as well as some basic chart reading.


  • Alert 1: Use Market Analyzer to build a real-time alerts page for bullish and bearish patterns
  • Alert 2: Build alerts page with your candle pattern recommendations
  • How to use NCS alerts for day traders, identifying an entry point, and evaluating a customized group of markets
  • Create custom cell conditions for scanning or alerts


  • Building a chart template to use in your own trading
  • Link the Market Analyzer to the chart
  • Do a series of scans as a trader would, looking for trade candidates using the criteria from the group
  • Search for different candle patterns, multiple candle patterns
  • Use a series of different market instruments
  • Evaluate simple basics of the chart as to whether it may be a good candidate or not and why

NCS Mastery Training Module 5

Putting It All Together

At the completion of this module you will have a full understanding of all the practical NCS functionalities within NinjaTrader.

  • Demonstrate beginning to end customization of workspace and scanning
  • Q&A Session
  • Special Bonus Material (to be revealed during the session)


We want to make sure that you are able to get access to this recorded training as often as you want to review the information.

That's why we are going to UPGRADE your access to the recordings from one year to LIFETIME when you order before the deadline below. ($99 value)

Now you'll be able to go back time and again to refresh your skills and ensure that you are maximizing your investment in this powerful software tool!

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