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All Subscription Levels of NCS will also include:

  • Automatic Upgrade to NCS PRO (built in modules for intraday, crypto, fx, and strict candles)
  • Getting Started Videos
  • Quick Reference Guide-NCS pattern cheat sheet for abbreviations
  • 28 Candle Pattern Reference Video - video guide to essential information on the patterns
  • Exclusive invitation to ALL Best Practice and IDEA Sessions - with access to recordings
  • New to Chart Video - showing important information on understanding Charting
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    NCS can: Highlight, Scan, and Alert you in real time!

  • 2

    Automatically Upgraded to NCS PRO: Strict, Intraday, FX, and Crypto Modules

  • 3

    Save Hours of Time finding the best entry and exit locations

  • 4

    Automatically be able to see any or all of the 28 different candle patterns

  • 5

    Choose from Standard or Strict Criteria Patterns

  • 6

    Works in multiple markets: index', stocks, ETF's, commodities, futures, forex, crypto, and many more

  • 7

    YES, it works on any internet enabled device! (laptop, desktop, tablets, phones, and more)

  • 8

    Online access to resources: Videos to aide you along the way

  • 9

    Highlighting can be used with pattern abbreviations or full pattern name shown

  • 10

    Scanning: chose your markets and be alerted to any of the 28 Candle Patterns on Any Chart, Any Time Frame

  • 11

    Any and All upgrades/updates are included!

Nison Candle Scanner will work on any of the levels of TradingView including Free, Pro, Pro+, and Premium.

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This Is How It Scan's & Alerts The Candlestick Patterns

With Nison Candle Scanner™, you can filter a universe of markets (stocks, indexes, Forex, futures, crypto, and many more) for any specific or all 28 candlestick signals

NCS for TradingView works on any time frame charts. It works on shorter charts with the built in Intraday Module included with the NCS. (a $895 value)

Step 1. Pick one or more of my 28 favorite candle signals. Pick from having them on the chart, not having them, or having them in strict criteria!

Step 2. Choose your markets, in your time frames to be scanned for your list of candle patterns.  (Note any level of TradingView account will work including free, with paid versions providing more alerts)

Step 3. Setup your scans/alerts for specific patterns in your specific watchlists.  Name your scan/alert, then chose how to be notified including:  notify in app, pop-up, email, sounds, send email-to-SMS

Step 4. Have access to all of your alerts via the alert log including ability to export the log.

...And Highlights The Patterns On Your Charts

In addition to finding all of the markets that are currently in a particular candlestick pattern, you can also use Nison Candle Scanner™ to quickly Highlight all of the different candlestick patterns that appeared in a specific time frame for any individual stock or market.

And there are two ways to have the Nison pattern displayed:) as an abbreviation of the pattern name or full name.  See the images below

Traders Love Their Nison Software

It's like trading with Steve Nison right next to you. No second guessing yourself. Forget about the cost of the software, this is a must have for any trader. If you lost money in the market then you seriously need NCS.

Jake P.
Jake P.

I was able to download and start identifying Shooting Stars and Hammers within MINUTES. Saves countless hours of analysis time.  This is a great educational tool and also inspires trading confidence by having the capability of Steve’s insight right on the chart you are studying.

Dwayne M.
Dwayne M.

This software is your Nison candlestick trading coach. This gives the Nison Candlestick trader the ability to feel confident from day one no matter how much candlestick experience you have as a trader. Using the candlestick patterns correctly gives higher trade success.

Benhard F.
Benhard F.

NCS saves time for quicker and timelier analysis potentially leading to better trades, fewer losses, and more profitability.  A tool such as this that provides quick and accurate analysis is a trader’s dream.

Mark K.
Mark K.

Your screener woke me up to the candle patterns in a real world. It was  eye opening.

Stu M.
Stu M.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat level of TradingView do I need to run NCS?

    Nison Candle Scanner will operate on any level of TradingView.  Please do note, that with the different levels of TradingView, you will have additional features including more capability of scanning/alerting.  Free, Pro, Pro+, and Premium will ALL work.


    The number of alerts you can have will be determined by the level of TradingView account.  Free TradingView will have 40 alerts, Pro would have 800, Pro+ would have 4000, and Premium would have 16,000

  • q-iconSince NCS works with Trading View what is the best way to learn how to use Trading View?

    When you register for Nison Candle Scanner you will find resources you need inside of our Candlecharts Academy, including resources you need to learn some of the features of Trading View and NCS.


  • q-iconWhat if I have questions about using any of the powerful features in NCS?

    Once you invest in NCS you will have resources available to you inside of your Candlecharts account so you quickly harness the power of NCS. And if you have any questions on using NCS after you watch these videos please contact us at or do a chat with any of our active trader chat agents

  • q-iconWhat time frames will NCS work with?

    NCS works with any time frame chart. For a limited time we are giving free upgrades to NCS which includes the intraday module (a $495 value)  the FX module (a $995 value) and Crypto Module ($495)at no additional cost. This offer may be cancelled at any time, so you need to act quickly to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • q-iconWhat markets does NCS work with?

    As a bonus, for a limited time we are including the Crypto, Intraday, and FX modules with a total value of $1,985. As such, it works with all markets.


  • q-iconWill I be able to see the definitions of the candlestick signals?

    All of these are propriety candlestick patterns and they take into account not only the definition of the candlestick signal but such key considerations as what is an up or down trend, what is a “long” real body, when are the shadows too large or small for certain patterns, and other factors. Because they are proprietary, the underlying definitions are not publicly available.  You will have a Quick Reference Guide to help with knowing the abbreviations

  • q-iconAre there other platforms besides NinjaTrader that NCS works with?

    In addition to this version of Nison Candle Scanner that works with Trading View, we also have versions available for Ninja Trader, Trade Navigator, and TradeStation. No other platforms are currently planned. For details about NCS for these other two platforms please contact

  • q-iconWhat if I want to get Candlechart's Training Programs?

    If you  would like to have more candle education, please contact our team or view our library at

    To find out what kind of savings you can receive, please contact Paul Siegel at

    Paul will return your email as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours). If you would like Paul to call you by telephone to discuss your savings, please be sure to include your telephone number in your email.

Plus, Get These Fast-Action Bonuses When You Order Now

Instant Free Upgrade to NCS Pro!

You will also receive these valuable FREE UPGRADES to Nison Candle Scanner PRO

  • The NCS intraday module (a $495 value)
  • The FX module (a $995 value)
  • The Crypto module ($495 value)

These included upgraded modules are automatically included in Nison Candle Scanner … ready for you to use immediately upon registration… at no additional cost.

Not available anywhere else. (Bonus Value: $1,985)

The Candle Pattern Quick Reference Video

In this video bonus, we show you all the 28 patterns used in the software, and walk you through a quick explanation of how to interpret and use the pattern in your decision making.

Not available anywhere else. (Bonus Value: $129)

Private Access to Best Practices Training Videos

This video shows you how we use Nison Candle Scanner in our trading and how you can, too.

Focus is on speeding up your daily analysis and using the software to pinpoint the best trading opportunities.

Not available anywhere else. (Bonus Value: $149)

NCS Quick Reference Guide

With the NCS Quick Reference Guide, you'll discover the 28 candle patterns we use inside the Nison Candle Scanner.

We walk you through each of the candlestick patterns included in the software and show you how they are noted on your charts for instant identification.

Not available anywhere else. (Bonus Value: $49)

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