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Get Our Expert Help To
Install And Set Up NCS For You

If Time Is Important To You, This Service May Be Just What You Need To Get Nison Candle Scanner Up and Running On Your Computer Faster and Easier...

With our popular "NCS White Glove Service" let our NCS expert remotely install NCS on your computer anywhere in the world – it's an affordable way to ensure accurate installation so you can focus on using the software for better trades!

As I've shown you, Nison Candle Scanner is easy to install and use.

Yet we still receive many requests from customers who are pressd for time and want it done for them. That's why we are making this new "NCS Installation Service" available.

Take a quick look to see if it's right for you...

Get started quickly and easily with our popular White Glove Service for NCS

How The NCS White Glove Service Works

  • Click below to register instantly
  • Receive information about scheduling your installation appointment within 24-48 hours
  • Your certified NCS expert will then access your computer remotely over the Internet to install the software and set it up to work with NinjaTrader 7. (Note: This process is totally safe and you will watch everything that is happening as our in-house expert performs the setup. After the session, your expert will no longer have access to your computer. It is a one-time only process where you control all access to your computer.)

What We Will Do For You

  • Install and setup Nison Candle Scanner
  • Install and setup NinjaTrader
  • Establish Kinetick FREE data feed
  • Good for 1 computer
  • Fee is for service only, hardware not included
  • Identify and setup desired charting protocols and preferences
  • Establish Account connections (live, broker)
  • Identify and customize candle patterns
  • Create and customize Workspace
  • Enable Market Analyzer for Scans & Watchlists
  • Load Instrument lists
  • Receive expert advice on additional capabilities and configuration options
  • Total Setup Time: Approximately 60-90 minutes

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