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Options 101 is 2 Session program:

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Session 1

  • Universal appeal: Options Trading for beginners and those that want to learn the right way!
  • Global Accessibility: Trade options from any corner of the world, any time
  • Options Mechanics and Order Types Unveiled: Dive into the various orders integral to options trading.
  • Understanding Market Positions: Grasp the concepts of 'In the Money', 'Out of Money', and 'At the Money' to optimize your trading strategy.
  • Demystifying Calls and Puts: Learn the dynamics of calls, puts, expirations, and strike prices to make informed decisions.
  • Real-World Examples: Witness an actual option trade through a paper trading account.

Your instructor, Tim Hornish, Nison Certified Trainer

Session 2

  • Options Chain Exploration: Implement your newfound knowledge with real-world examples.
  • Trade Analysis: A comprehensive review of trades placed during our session.
  • Answering the Why’s and How’s: Get clarity on common questions and understand the crucial criteria to consider before entering or exiting trades.
  • Next Steps Guide: Equip yourself with actionable next steps to pave your way to options trading success.
Register HereRegular $199, early bird at $97

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I use candles now for bigger profits on quickly caught reversal plays "ahead of the flock" with options on: GOOG, ICE, CME, RIMM, NYX and LVS


I found new strategies very useful and was explained very well, easy to understand everything.

Tudor P.

I like the most to be able interact during live sessions, ask questions and hear feedback from other members as well.

Luana A.

I like that I can ask questions instead of watching a video and attempt to thinks that I've understood everything that was said. Simple as it may be sometimes not having trade lingo and experience can be confusing. The additions to the mega package has definitely given me a new perspective and clarified some questions. As I've entered this  class I wish I had been involved in many others which I intend to attend as you schedule them. I like that the team tries to simplifies the material and covers it several times to make sure we understand the material as much as we can. This is the kind of stuff new traders need to see and be involved as soon as the go through the mega package. Thanks Candlecharts

Lee G..

The group allows you to see different perspectives on how to interpret charts. The interactive nature of the sessions allows you to share thoughts and opinions and question anything you don't understand.

Nick P.