Prepare Yourself Now For Down Markets,
and Discover the 3 Proven Steps that Protect Your Account and Generate New Profits

This is your step-by-step blueprint for avoiding huge losses and making new profits in downturns

Dear Fellow Trader,

If you have ever lost a large percentage of your trading account due to a big unexpected market downturn, or you’re concerned with protecting your account from experiencing those kind of major losses, then please read this urgent message now…

Because protecting yourself from these crushing drops is just as critical to your trading success as pocketing profits.

Remember the crash of 2000? Many traders lost half their accounts almost overnight. And then after clawing its way back to the same high in 2008, the market dropped again. If you didn’t suffer during those drops, chances are you know someone who did. It was devastating to so many people who put their hard-earned life savings on the line.

I came to become more familiar with candle patterns to integrate them into my trading decisions. Steve has a talent for presenting the information in a way that's easily understood, but then builds on it to take you to another level.

- Beth Sime

Introducing "Profit and Protection in a Down Market"

Everyone knows that in today’s trading environment, these big downturns and crashes are becoming more and more frequent. That’s why it’s so important to gain the knowledge and skills to identify those major drops earlier than before… measure how long those down markets will last… and then implement the right strategy for the situation.

Any trader can do well in a bull market. But when the down markets come – and they ALWAYS do – only good traders can weather the storm safely.

And that’s not all… there is another group of top traders that know how to stay safe and even PROSPER in these downtrends. To survive and thrive in these volatile markets, you need these same skills.

Gain These Vital Steps Before You Get Burned

  • STEP 1: Use simple candle patterns and technical indicators in unique ways to identify market downturns before they happen
  • STEP 2: Determine how bearish the market could get so you can plan your protection and profit strategies
  • STEP 3: Choose your strategy from our proven collection of tools and methods that work in the real world

About Your Instructor: Dave Forster

Dave is an independent trader with an in-depth knowledge of options, with eight years of option trading experience. As a Nison Certified Trainer™, Dave teaches traders and investors the proper use of Nison candlesticks, Western technical analysis, and Trade Management for options.

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