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1st Session, Tuesday, May 16 at 7:30pm eastern

Small Group Coaching offers a supportive learning environment that enables individuals to achieve their goals while benefiting from the support and insights of other group members.

What Our Students Have to Say about Small Group Coaching

  • Marshall T. Marshall T.
    Hi Paul, these live sessions are fantastic for building your students knowledge on how to read the markets. Keep up the brilliant work. Regards
  • Lauren Lauren
    This level of service for retail traders is exceptional. I really appreciate its value. I traded both stocks on Friday on my understanding of the charts and today can use your analysis to think about what is coming next. Thank-you
  • Alphonse L. Alphonse L.
    I have learned so much, and feel confident now that I am not doing this alone, and will be able to do well in the markets with the support of this group.  Thank you!
  • Geoff Geoff
    I was broadly a break-even trader and was looking for that one light bulb moment to achieve a break through but I found the group has helped in many areas eg- Identifying Support and Resistance areas Using Candles in context Application of Change of Polarity I am exceptionally pleased with the program.
  • Trade setups are an essential part of any trader's toolkit, enabling them to identify promising trading opportunities while managing risk and optimizing profits
  • Successful trade strategies require careful planning, discipline, and risk management techniques to help traders navigate the ever-changing financial markets.
  • Good practices, examples & engagement for developing skills, building confidence, managing emotions and helping to avoid irrational trading decisions.
  • Will help in, any markets, any time frames, from anywhere
  • BONUS: Live and Recorded Steve's Trade Analysis Session ($79 value)
  • Recordings of sessions accessible inside of your account
  • All live sessions are interactive with students being able to speak and communicate with the group
  • Session Dates:Tuesday's: May 16, 23, 30, June 6
  • 4 Live Interactive Sessions: 7:30-8:30pm eastern (New York time)

Your Instructor for this Program:

Tim Hornish

Nison Certified Trainer

See what our students are saying about Candlecharts: Small Group Coaching

After all these years of Study at the Candlecharts Academy I have finally found a Base Strategy in which to Start Building my Own Strategy Tool Box Algorithm thanks to the Academy's Coaching Classes.

William V.

I like that I can ask questions instead of watching a video and attempt to thinks that I've understood everything that was said. Simple as it may be sometimes not having trade lingo and experience can be confusing. The additions to the mega package has definitely given me a new perspective and clarified some questions. As I've entered this small group coaching class I wish I had been involved in many others which I intend to attend as you schedule them. I like that Brian tries to simplifies the material and covers it several times to make sure we understand the material as much as we can. This is the kind of stuff new traders need to see and be involved as soon as the go through the mega package. Thanks Candle Charts Academy

Lee G..

The group is amazing. Not only am I learning a lot of strategies to keep in my arsenal. Even more important than that is I feel like I can trade & make mistakes & bring them to the group the next week. I'm in the learning curve & there is no better way to learn than actually taking a look at my trading, finding what I did right & wrong, & having others who have the right information feedback to me.

Kris C.

I found new strategies very useful and was explained very well, easy to understand everything.

Tudor P.

The group allows you to see different perspectives on how to interpret charts. The interactive nature of the sessions allows you to share thoughts and opinions and question anything you don't understand.

Nick P.

I have enjoyed the perspectives from different long-time traders to provide a wealth of ideas on strategy and trading. I've also benefited from the emphasis on risk management, candles in context, keeping a trade journal, etc. Until it becomes "second nature", I'm in the process of creating a checklist for my trades to remember to look at the various aspects. I especially like that I can go back and listen to the sessions as many times as I want.

Debi W..

Everything I need is being provided by Small Group Coaching videos and MyCandlecharts daily videos, special topics and Steve’s book ‘Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques’ I am creating my own strategy!

Jeannie B.

I like the most to be able interact during live sessions, ask questions and hear feedback from other members as well.

Luana A.