• Have Your Trades Reviewed whether they are in a demo or live account - just fill out our trade form for review
  • Will help in, any market, any time frame, from anywhere
  • Interactive program designed to develop your trading skillset, strategy development and share ideas
  • Sessions and recordings plus interactive engagement forum provides great value even if you can not attend live
  • Trade Journal Template to ensure you have your criteria in line!
  • Learn from other students trade review of other students will enhance your learning!
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  • Session Dates (Nov 5, 12, 19, Dec 3)
  • Clinic Bonus Session (Dec 10)
  • Private Access to Facebook Group
  • All sessions begin at 930am eastern (New York time), with access to recordings in online training center

See what our students are saying about Candlecharts: Small Group Coaching

Being able to ask questions and put up trades for critique is invaluable! I highly recommend this training!

Peter M.

The group is amazing. Not only am I learning a lot of strategies to keep in my arsenal. Even more important than that is I feel like I can trade & make mistakes & bring them to the group the next week. I'm in the learning curve & there is no better way to learn than actually taking a look at my trading, finding what I did right & wrong, & having others who have the right information feedback to me.

Kris C.

Everything I need is being provided by Small Group Coaching videos and MyCandlecharts daily videos, special topics and Steve’s book ‘Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques’ I am creating my own strategy!

Jeannie B.

It was beneficial to talk to Brian directly and I liked the interaction between Brian and members.  I strongly believe that candlesticks helped a lot for my trading.

Yeonsil Y.

As a new trader, it is beneficial to hear from experienced staff and guest traders about charting S/R, best trading practices, proven trading strategies with trade entry and exits in an interactive atmosphere where we can ask questions to presenters as well as hear what other new traders share,

Jim B.

I like that I can ask questions instead of watching a video and attempt to thinks that I've understood everything that was said. Simple as it may be sometimes not having trade lingo and experience can be confusing. The additions to the mega package has definitely given me a new perspective and clarified some questions. As I've entered this small group coaching class I wish I had been involved in many others which I intend to attend as you schedule them. I like that Brian tries to simplifies the material and covers it several times to make sure we understand the material as much as we can. This is the kind of stuff new traders need to see and be involved as soon as the go through the mega package. Thanks Candle Charts Academy

Lee G..

I like Brian's instruction (and his humor) and his analysis of the different markets and timeframes. It has helped me become a stronger more effective trader. I also like seeing other participant's trades so that I can see what their strategies are, and to see if I would make a similar trade or even create another strategy that I could use in the future.

Gerard K.

I have enjoyed the perspectives from different long-time traders to provide a wealth of ideas on strategy and trading. I've also benefited from the emphasis on risk management, candles in context, keeping a trade journal, etc. Until it becomes "second nature", I'm in the process of creating a checklist for my trades to remember to look at the various aspects. I especially like that I can go back and listen to the sessions as many times as I want.

Debi W..

I found new strategies very useful and was explained very well, easy to understand everything.

Tudor P.

After all these years of Study at the Candlecharts Academy I have finally found a Base Strategy in which to Start Building my Own Strategy Tool Box Algorithm thanks to the Academy's Coaching Classes.

William V.

The group allows you to see different perspectives on how to interpret charts. The interactive nature of the sessions allows you to share thoughts and opinions and question anything you don't understand.

Nick P.

I have seen massive difference in my trading and I have learnt a lot from group. Their education and training are great and excellent. Great thanks to Brian and the team for the quality of support they have been given to us which is one of the best. They care. Excellent place to develop and become a great trader. They are current and innovative in the teaching. Once again thank you.


I like the most to be able interact during live sessions, ask questions and hear feedback from other members as well.

Luana A.
Register HereJust: $219