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Small Group Coaching
  • Session Dates: September 10, 17, 24, October 1
  • *9:30am-10:30am eastern in Goto Webinar
  • *Identification of Your Customized Trading Rules
  • *Strategies that Fit the Best for You
  • *Prioritizing Your Best Trades: How to Pick A+ Setups
  • *Overcome Your Fears with Trading Plan setup
  • *Eliminate Confusion of Trade Entries/Exits
  • *Recordings made available shortly after live session
  • *Interactive Sessions
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Small Group Coaching: Live Market
  • Session Dates: September 14, 21, 28, October 5
  • *12noon-1pm eastern (Live Market Hours)
  • *Applying your Trading Rules
  • *Ranking Your Trade Setups
  • *Which Strategies Make the Most Sense for Your Style
  • *Live Market Examples implementing Strategies Learned in Saturday Sessions
  • *Recordings made available shortly after live session
  • *Interactive Sessions
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Clinic Bonus: Advancing to Your Next Step

  (October 8 at 9:30am eastern)

*Discussion of Your Trading Rules and Strategies
*Analyze and Discuss Your Trades
*How to modify your trades for even more success
*A New Approach To Entering Your Trades
*How to Move Your Stop's For Those Big Wave Moves
*Taking Your Next Step Program
*$99 Value Bonus session for Signature Bundle students


Brian Houston, Nison Certified Trainer

Brian has been trading stocks for 37 years, and has devoted much of his trading career to options strategies. During that time, he has used Steve Nison's candlestick patterns to continually improve his knowledge and skills. Recently, Brian has has also added Elliott Wave theory to his set of trading tools.

Students Love Small Group Coaching

What I learned from Brian about looking at different time frames provided an ACTIONABLE trading strategy which I implemented and MORE THAN PAID for the investment for the Small Group Coaching Course

John M..
John M..

I found new strategies very useful and was explained very well, to understand everything.

Tudor P.
Tudor P.